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Specialty Equipment Marketing Association or SEMA represents one of the largest collections of automotive specialty products in the world all hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Just show up, you’ll see lamborghini supercars, 800 Hp tuned out BMW’s, $100,000 chrome wheels, priceless hot rods, and the most bumping sound systems money can buy.

So where does Alliance fit in? Three of us took the trip out to Vegas for one reason in particular, to see the unveiling of the brand new Supra SE 550 ROUSH Edition (not that we didn’t enjoy a little Vegas partying, as well). The boat did not disappoint, and if you haven’t educated yourself on how sick it is, head to our GOODS section and get learnin’ cause the times they are a changing.


The coolest part about this boat is not in it’s performance, its look, or how rare it is (only 25 will be made) but in how it came to be. You already know Supra as the title sponsor and official towboat of The Pro Wakeboard Tour, but now they’ve partnered with Indmar Marine Engines, SeaDek, Ford, and ROUSH Performance to create this special edition boat.


In the end it, came down to ROUSH Performance to be the centering point of the boat’s design and name. “We took what was already a superior boat and added ROUSH looks and legacy,” said Gary Jurick, president of ROUSH Performance. “Along with the powerful ROUSH charged Raptor by Indmar to give watersports enthusiasts an extra kick, we added refined touches to the interior and exterior to make the Supra SE 550 ROUSH Edition a unique owner’s experience.”

Roush Indmar Engine

After catching up with Justin Burke, The Director of Marketing for Skier’s Choice (Supra/Moomba), and Natalie Carrera, who is in charge of marketing at Indmar, we got a better idea of how the boat came together and why we were at an auto show to check out a wake boat… Top of the line seemed to be the best way to describe how all of these companies put their minds and resources together to create the boat. The Supra SE is the epitome of high-end wakeboats with its huge 25 foot hull, wide array of features, and incredible wake for both wakeboarding and wake surfing. The Indmar Raptor series engine is top of the line based off a proven workhorse, the Built Ford Tough® 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine that was designed, engineered, built and torture-tested by Ford. Finally, ROUSH, most commonly associated with their Mustang special edition half street/half race cars, got together with Supra and Indmar through the love of top of the line automotive and top of the line boating. ROUSH takes what already is top of the line, and raises the bar in both performance and design.

The connection was there, and holy shit did they pull it off. SEMA was the perfect platform to launch the boat with how connected to the automotive industry ROUSH is. Everyone who comes in contact with this boat will know its ROUSH, but it isn’t over done. The beauty is in the little details, from the ROUSH gear lever to the SeaDek ROUSH padding throughout the interior. It is in the relationship between such a powerhouse in the automotive industry and some of the highest end boats and engines in the wake industry. Wake has always been a niche industry, and when things like this happen, partnerships are made, cool shit gets created, we get the opportunity to appeal to the non-endemic and grow our sport and industry in an awesome way.

The boat is rad, but what it represents is bigger: bringing enthusiasts and industries together, and we are just stoked we get to be a part of it.

Thanks for having us SEMA, Supra, Indmar, Ford and ROUSH it was all definitely worth the Vegas Hangover.

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