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In Episode 5, Oakley team riders Amber Wing and Nicola Butler meet up with Melissa Marquardt and Jen GilanFarr to road trip through Australia. From Amber’s house in Sydney to Bec Gange’s house in Mildura, stopping to ride along the way and spending a few solid days at Bec’s on the Murray River. Enjoy this look at their adventures.
Video from oakleywomen

4 Responses to “Sets In Motion: Episode 5 – Australia”

  1. nini Says:

    nice vid!!

  2. shelby k Says:

    Bec is Killing it!!!!

  3. JP Says:

    JENNY DANGER!!!!!!!

  4. larry Says:

    chicks shouldn’t ride. lame. hows the size of some of them? more ripped than a roo!


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