June 4th, 2013 by Submitted

The Malibu team trip takes place each year at Lake Santeelah in North Carolina. It’s an opportunity to get the entire time team together to ride, and also have a first look at the product line for the following year. With different schedules all season, it’s not often that Dallas Friday, Tarah Mikacich and Amber Wing get to spend time riding with each other. In this episode of “Sets In Motion,” we get a peek into that week of riding, getting a dose of the progression of women’s wakeboarding in visually stunning fashion.

Video from oakleywomen

2 Responses to “Sets in Motion: Episode 6 – Malibu Team”

  1. Broc Says:

    Dallas is Sexy

  2. AB Says:

    LAKE SANTEELAH iS LAKE I GREW UP ON IN Robbinsville, NC …WOW my dream is to hopefully one day film on this lake.. God wakeboards at Lake Santeelah


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