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“I wanted to create a platform and a project for the girls that’s going to be timeless and online and for everyone to see forever. It was an idea, in a way, for me to push the girls and motivate them to progress their riding harder than what they’ve ever done in the past.”

Those words from wakeboarding superstar Amber Wing laid out the mission statement, so to speak, for “Sets In Motion,” the game-changing women’s wakeboard series. The call to action was declared: “send us your footage!” Ten episodes later, new talent has been found and showcased, and women’s wakeboarding has finally been given a platform on which to shine. Now, the pinnacle of the project: the “Sets In Motion” Movie. Splicing together the best action from the series with plenty of new footage, the movie brings a fitting close to what should become the preeminent showcase for the women of wakeboarding.

Video from oakleywomen

4 Responses to “Sets in Motion – The Full Video”

  1. Justin H. Says:

    My little girl and I are going to watch this whole thing tonight. Thank you everyone who put in the work to make this happen. There needs to be more women’s wake footage out there.

  2. Lady Killer Says:

    Wow. It took you three years to get all that… Absolutely horrible. Looks you guys spent the whole time on Ambers section and it still sucked a huge D. Megan Ethell and Bec Gange killed it and blew everyone else out of the water…

    Sorry for being a hater :(


  3. don kking Says:

    Amber put the whole movie together, that’s why it looks like they spent the whole time on her section and yet it was still the worst part in the whole movie.

  4. Paul Boyd Says:

    Well done to all the chicks in the vid. rad to see girls riding so good these days. as for the haters, i love how you are that gutless you cant even put your name to it. grow some gonads! as for Amber, her melan fs 7’s are the most legit move by a women in the history of wakeboarding let alone this movie. but you dumb arses probably dont even know what that means. Kooks! Go hate on yourself instead of people making a difference.


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