May 31st, 2013 by Spencer Norris

We were able to go out and get a few sets with Phil

19 Responses to “Sets with Phil”

  1. jon Says:

    He’s put a lot of time into that double grabbed 360…

  2. Justin H. Says:

    That was some great riding no matter how you cut it. A good mix of hammers, style and mastery. I’m glad that Phil is posting a few freeride sessions this year.

  3. Steve Says:

    method back one late indy for the win

  4. Pete Says:

    I think Phil could show these young little rippers a thing or two about new hammers and take that Whirley trick to 9!

  5. Vin Says:

    That was sick.

  6. marc Besner Says:

    sick riding, sick video phill is most styled with a ctrl Board !

  7. Rich Says:

    Pretty sick edit. Cool to see Phil on his new board too. He is a great competition rider, but it is good to see some freeriding, as well, because he rips.

  8. Jeff Says:

    He’s already killed it on tour, now he can just go out and ride. A fresh start has been good for Phil.

  9. Haha Says:

    Phil got fat! Him and Winsor must be on the same diet…

  10. Lake Life Says:

    Friggin sweet free ridin…

  11. EVOwake Says:


  12. Steve Says:

    also crow mobe 10 ender

  13. Vin Says:

    ^*skeezer 720 (Switch Crowmobe 720) ender

  14. nboville Says:

    To be honest….I think it’s healthy and great to see what’s happening in the sport right now. Phil is a contest rider…don’t get me wrong, he has a few hammers here and what not, but he’s a contest rider and he’s great at that and is making a killing at it. It’s healthy for a board sport to have guys who kill it in contests and that’s their thing and to have guys who kill it free riding and make a living doing that. That means the sport is growing and progressing….this wasn’t my favorite video ever, but Phil has talent and rides like a boss….however, I would way rather watch Rathy or O’Shea or Twelker freeride. But I think that’s healthy, to have multiple facets of the sport that support different guys! Not too long ago, if you weren’t killing contests, you couldn’t afford to freeride! So Everyone….keep doing your thing and spend your money and your local shop and quite hating!

  15. Jake Says:

    fuck yes phil! slayin it

  16. TheSpangler Says:

    So sick!

  17. Bill Clifford Says:

    You know Phil is a great contest rider, considered the best. I hear all the talk about free riders, you know guys like Phil are great free riders you just dont get to seem them do it that often.

  18. don kking Says:

    phil rips and all but how is he still respected in the wake industry with his shitty attitude and personality. phil’s a tool

  19. GB Says:

    Contest rider, free rider . . . who cares, he can pull whatever line he wants, any poke, double grab or tweak. The attitude thing is just competitive, that´s how it is. Love him or hate him he freakin rips, shreds and destroys. Ask any pro rider how much respect they have for Phil. He is the bad guy with an attitude, that´s his style. I respect a guy that can keep his cool under pressure. How many years has he always been on the podium? Too many, he´s still up there, made himself the guy to beat.


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