Taking almost a week to wrap our minds around the epic events that the survivors are referring to as the “SFWA Showdown”, we feel the need to share the details with the rest of the world’s wake community.  It is our duty to capture a fraction of the stoke that the spectators and riders seen and experienced live. SFWA started with an idea of a grassroots vibe while hosting local talent in a who’s who’s showdown. Much to our surprise it turned into exactly that. Ranging from 11yr Pro/AM phenoms to cablepark hero’s this competition was lights out from the first pull. Reaching deep into a pro range bag of gnarleyness every rider up’ed the stakes with every trick thrown. With 4 divisions  (womens, wakeskate, pro and amateur wakeboard) there was never a lack of adrenaline pumping excitement as each rider finished their runs. Thanks pal!

The tournament structure consisted of 2 heat runs with the allowance of 2 or less falls then a finals round. Finalists were determined by the top score out of both runs. This structure was used in every division. As the wire came down and the judges tallied scores every one was in a frantic state because all of the competitors were within a few points of each other. In our pro wakeboard division crowning the champion came down to 1 point. As we all know, someone has to be first and second and those someone’s are listed below. Now recovering from the Showdown, SFWA is ramping up for our biggest event of the year, Pros n Joes! We are planning daily to make this the biggest South Florida wakeboarding event of the year! Please feel free to look at our website for weekly updates. I would say hope to see you there, but I know if you have a pulse and you want to see the worlds top pros, you will be there. Register at www.sfwake.com.


Pro Wakeboard
1. Troy Wynn
2. Noah Flegel

AM Wakeboard
1. Gordy Cottrell
2. David Foreman

1. Brooke Grassman
2. Becca Winz

1. Andrew Fortenberry
2. Joe Phillips

This event would not be possible without our sponsors. A special thanks goes out to South Florida Mastercraft, Arrigo Dodge, and Motion Watersports. Visit our website www.sfwake.com for a complete list of sponsors, pictures and video from the event.

Text By: Josh Wigley

All Photos: facebook.com/enochsurfboards