Today is Shane Bonifay's 23rd b-day. I was hoping to give you live updates from the party, as it has been going on in Orlando since 10 a.m. this morning. But for some reason no one will answer their phones. He's having it at his "other" home on Clear Lake, and it was officially titled "Tubes, Boobs and Beer on Clear". I got several text invites. Since I can't tell you what's actually going on, here's my guess at this point, about halfway through the day: Shane is really happy, probably just this side of coherent, Dan-O has probably already taken a shoe set, Rusty is probably not there yet because he wanted to ride before he came over, Danny has probably done something that almost resulted in some kind of mishap and Parks is probably done talking to guys for the rest of the day. These are just my guesses, I'll try to get an update later.