December 6th, 2012 by Submitted

Shaun Murray wakeboarding behing the Nautique G23, Aaron Perkins shooting with the New GoPro hero 3 black edition.
Video by Aaron Perkins

9 Responses to “Quick Set with Shaun Murray”

  1. Ryan Says:

    what is that remix of “sail”?

  2. Logan Dane Farris Says:

    Its the “Unlimited Gravity Remix”

  4. bro Says:

    uhhhhhh…….. THANK YOU SHAUN MURRAY. Is anyone seeing this? Long live the king

  5. West side Says:

    When other pros are becoming stagnant in there riding, Murray is still learning new stuff and still pushing. Keep it up Shaun

  6. fan Says:

    shaun murray is a beast. its good to see one of the og’s of wakeboarding still pushing himself and wakeboarding!

  7. TheSpangler Says:


  8. Jeff Says:

    This video is crazy

  9. riley Says:

    Apparently not drinking and partying does do a body good! Keep it up Murray!


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