Andrew Adams let’s bass know who’s boss…

With all the hours we spend on the water each year, it’s inevitable that wakeboarders eventually get good at fishing. For some it’s a fun way to pass the time waiting to ride, and for others it’s a backup career plan. It’s funny because fisherman HATE  wakeboarders, and often times wakeboarders feel exactly the same towards fisherman, but at the end of the day reeling in a good ol’ fashioned North American lunker is priceless, no matter who you are.


We’ve loaded up some of our favorite shots of the pro’s and their prizes to get you inspired, so now it’s time to share your success’ with us. That’s right, we want to see YOUR best bass photo from the summer. All you have to do is post your pic to the Alliance Wakeboard Mag facebook page and come Friday, the photo with the most likes will be awarded with an epic Alliance prize pack! If it sounds a little fishy don’t be scared…it is and will be all week.




The Murrdog and the infamous beast who lives beneath the banked transfer rail at the projects. This bass has brought a lot of joy to the wakeboard community, and will hopefully be putting up a fight for years to come…



Collin Harrington was living the dock life to the fullest over at Danny Hampson’s place when he hooked up to this beauty. He think’s it’s the biggest bass ever caught, but he also thinks that his shirt is “stylish.”



Here we have my winning catch at the 2nd Annual “Back dat Bass up” fishing tournament here in Winter Park. 3rd cast NBD.



This is Josh Palma with the exact same bass that Murray caught above. Like I said, this bitch really puts out; Now bust out your phone, find that shot of your prize catch from the summer and then head on over to our facebook page to post it up!