October 18th, 2013 by Submitted

Jefferson Mathis sent us this compilation of clips from the past 6 months featuring Jon Hunt, Cole Vanthof, Adam Silcio, Quinn Silvernale, Jeff Mathis, Alex Graydon, Griffin Mackay, Blake Bishop, Sam Baker, Gordon Harrison, & Freddie Wayne. Enjoy the mash up!

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7 Responses to “Shred Buckets”

  1. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Freddie’s double grabbed back 5 was so sick!
    Awesome vid!

  2. dude Says:

    nollie frontflips need to keep happening

  3. Yikes Says:

    Nice and zeachy rail hits guys nice work I’m proud of you

  4. nice Says:

    What a dbag

  5. Steezing outta my pants Says:

    That is gangster!

  6. Jimmy Nevins Says:

    That nose press at 1:29 on the box. So sick