On June 25th Matt Staker and I were invited to surf the big drink over at Typhoon lagoon in Orlando. As you can imagine, we gladly accepted the invitation (It was my neighbor’s 35th surprise birthday party, which conveniently took place on the day of my 22nd birthday).


Here’s how it went down…7 surfers, 100 waves any way you want them; rights, lefts, or peaks. It basically boiled down to about 17 waves each, all of which were grade A waves (on the Florida scale), and the best part was that instead of sharks, our most dangerous encounter in the water was a soggy band-aid. O.K., maybe that’s not much better than a shark, but it’s pretty damn close. Staker was by far the best surfer in the crew, but I think it’s only because he was using my board. I think we are going to start an Orlando “cross training” club and start renting this thing on a regular basis…Now if only we could get a winch in there for some tow in/at stuff.