Shredtown lies deep in the hills of Athens, TX aka BFE, far away from any sort of At&t service tower. It’s a real bitch, so they really have to want it when it comes to updating their social media outlets. I heard they have to line up at the city hall and plug their phones into a  hard wire just to post a status update. The point here is that they take pride in their posts such as the pics below. Enjoy their stories and vote for your favorite! This is 4/5 on the 2012 insta-battle so be sure to stay tuned for the ultimate championship.



Photo # 1 –  Self portrait Mirror photos are typically a huge no-no, but with hair like this and Andrew’s moms  ultra max 5000 hair dryer Davis simply couldn’t resist.  When you shower less than once a week you really have to go all out.



Photo # 2 –  Dylan Miller is a lucky man, but we all know you make your own luck. He drove 27 hours straight to appear in this gram, so, is that luck? No, that’s commitment to the gram.



Photo # 3 – We dont know this girl and she doesn’t know us but we are always down for some classy babes with a passion for Shredtown. She might even end up on one of our t-shirts.


Photo # 4 – Sometimes gettin a good gram puts you in the line of fire. Davis stepped up and snagged this one while we were makin sure the chain gate was nice and sketchy.



Photo # 5 – Chris hasn’t paid for food in years, and doesn’t plan to anytime soon. All he needs is a some sea salt and a knife, and he’s good to go. He’s a man of style and mystery.


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