June 8th, 2011 by alliance

The new and improved Shredtown Flat Bar….

The new and improved Shredtown Flat Bar….

16 Responses to ““Shredtown” Edition Flat Bar.”

  1. eric lassiter Says:

    ridiculous…killing it so effortlessly

  2. Jeff Mathis Says:

    a pole jam in the middle of a rail?? how do you think of that?? awesome.

    2:49 ==> rad and i love how andrew just cheeses the whole time he’s pressing haha

  4. Gingerbread Says:

    Shredtown guys are some bad mo fos.

  5. Ben Wilcox Says:

    Wow thats a tall ollie. Love it.

  6. HOLY Says:

    who is the girl on the back of the ski? Can I have her?

  7. mike Says:


  8. Holaaa Says:

    so sick and creative

  9. Kim Yong Il Says:

    Bad ass~~ fuxxing Sick!

  10. georgia Says:

    lol..constant cheesing

  11. Awake Says:

    ollie – sick

  12. BOSESOUND Says:

    all kill it. Steezy

  13. McCheezin' Says:

    #bonersforshredtown – nuff said.

  14. alldayfilms Says:

    That was ridiculous. Keep up the inovation!

  15. Nick Ennen Says:

    looking good boys!

  16. Garrett West Says:

    shredtown has never published a bad edit. they slay nuff said.


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