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Shredtown gets creative with a truck load of wooden pallets in their newest edit. How many possible configurations can they make out of pallets? Looks like the possibilities are endless underneath their System 2.0. Good work boys!

22 Responses to “Shredtown – PALLETS”

  1. Reeder Says:

    yewwwww boys!! sick!

  2. max Says:

    pallets pallets pallets! looks so fun..

  3. marioc. Says:


  5. johnny Says:

    this is the sickest shit

  6. Gooser5 Says:


  7. kevin henshaw Says:

    ya boys that was so sick and looked like a lot of fun. keep that shit up

  8. OTT Says:

    If anyone talks Trash about this video they need to be in that trash can, standing up and let the boys tap that lid on your head and knock some sense into you!! Awesome awesome work guys!!! Loved it more than topples chicks!!

  9. Bummer Says:

    So bummed i want to ride ! really creative the lines were sick to watch !

  10. The Spangler Says:

    That really makes me want to go waking, awesome vid boys keep it up!

  11. Chad Says:

    Its like Think Thank on water… Awesome.

  12. Andrew Says:

    I am more impressed they actually took the time to build all that for a web edit for wakeboarding than the actual riding.

  13. bro Says:

    i think that is one of the reasons these guys are killin it is the superb job of editing in the fun. every shred town edit makes you want to grab your board and shred! sick vid fellas

  14. rob Says:

    who is the orther rider ?

  15. Doodler Says:

    Kaesen Suyderhoud

  16. Woh Says:

    When did Davis get so good? He was the most creative/ballsy in that edit–which was sick by the way.

  17. CollinHarrington Says:

    I like it!! good work.

  18. blake Says:

    3 onto the wall ride Kaesen whattt

  19. carrieG Says:

    crazy. great. sick. awsome. nothin’ better than my shredtown fix!

  20. Greggo Says:

    shredtown for president!

  21. boardertown Says:

    is that a frickin’ island i see in shredtown? fantasy island. i want to live in shredtown . . .

  22. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    what do wooden pallets, dirty hipsters and wakeboarding have in common?? SHREDTOWN owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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