November 16th, 2009 by alliance

Shredtown road trip. TX to FL

Shredtown road trip. TX to FL

8 Responses to “Shredtown Road Trip”

  1. tc Says:

    sic vid. first song?

  2. Brett Says:

    whatsup with wakeboarding in clothes?

  3. OTT Says:

    Thank you SR Keep this shit going!!

  4. mobydick! Says:

    dude wakeboarding in clothes is so hot right now, especially wakeboarding in a tie dye…

  5. jeff Says:

    The first song is some de la soul song. I didnt recognize it, not sure if it is a remix, but based on the lyrics it is definitely de la

  6. TheGoldenBear Says:

    the first song is show me by mint royale, featuring de la soul.

  7. kaesen Says:

    trip was so dope!

  8. halt Says:

    you have alots of good spots in america, but you coops sucks…


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