Que pasa guys? Here is days 4-6 of Silas and my great adventure to Spain. We woke up in beautiful Spain, walked down from our hotel to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea to wash off our travel funk. Usually by day four you wouldn't have to wash off travel funk, but we still don't have any of our bags. Thanks, US Airways. While enjoying some coffee and breakfast we got a phone call that our bags have arrived at the hotel. So we head back to the hotel excited about fresh underwear. We arrive to see that only my clothing bag has made it to the hotel and Silas's hope of fresh underwear is gone. With one bag of clothing it's time to head out to Sevilla where our LF Spain dealer meeting/on water demo is. At this point there was no reason to even bring our board bags because we just used the Spanish distributor's product to ride. All and all the LF dealer meeting was rad, imagine the Willamette River in Portland, but tropical and warm all year round with cathedrals and beautiful white stucco buildings all down the river. Still dirty, though. But you could also drive the boat down river one hour to the Portugal coast and surf in the Atlantic Ocean. Back to Malaga with no word of our bags, but as we were dropping back into Malaga on a mountain pass Silas received a voice mail. The voice mail said that they have found our bags and they are at the airport. When we called the airport they realized that they have only found Silas' bags. Silas turned to me with bright eyes, ready for some fresh underwear and stated to me, "If just your board bag showed up and not my clothing bag, I would punch you in your face." This message was some what of false hope because they still have not delivered our bags to the hotel. Stay tuned to find out if Silas can actually change his underwear.