Silas Thurman and Mike Ennen are currently on a little wake trip to Madrid, Spain. Here's a little blurb about what's gone down so far.

"What up guys. Mike and I said we'd give you a bunch of pics and a story from Spain. Since it's been such a great trip, thought we'd send you some early info and keep you posted. Day 1: I meet Mike at Sea Tac at 6am on the 9th. We leave Sea Tac with really no problems besides Mike having to pay for his bags. Thanks, U.S. Airways. We get just over Philly, where we're supposed to change planes. They put us in a holding pattern for 3 hours. That makes our 4 hour trip to Philly 7 hours. Thanks, U.S. Airways. We land just in time to make our flight to Madrid. We sit on the tarmack for 3 hours. In the air we only have enough cash for 2 drinks each… I mean can't they take a credit card? They have tv screens in the backs of every chair! Thanks U.S. Airways! Landing 3 hours late in Madrid we cruise around that crazy airport trying to find our bags which are supposed to be transported all the way to Malaga. U.S. Airways tells us don't worry about it. Hey, we're team fun, we don't have to worry. Show up in Malaga finally 26 hours after we left Sea Tac. Guess what? No bags. This is great 'cause Mike and I are becoming musty after more than one whole day of travel. I'm stoked to be wearing the same socks and underwear right now. So's Mike. We'll keep you posted.


We'll also have pics to come. When and if our bags show up."

– Silas


…so there you have it folks. Stay tuned to for more stories from Silas and Mikey in Spain (or just What's Up's if their bags never find them)…