BEAUMONT, Tx – The University of Texas won the Spring 2007 Collegiate Team Challenge hosted by Texas A&M and North Texas on April 28-29 in Beaumont Texas at Set-x Lake. The weather could not have been more perfect with blue skies, temperatures averaging 85 degrees, and zero wind. Six schools represented in the event including North Texas, Texas A&M, Texas, Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech, and Steve F. Austin. The tournament was pulled by Texas Tige with their new 2007 RZ2. The first day of the event was packed with competitive riding from all of the teams. Key riders in the first day included John Aulick (Texas A&M), John Marshall (Texas Tech), Mark Heger (Texas), Joram Hadden (Louisiana Tech), Slayt Ebeling (Texas A&M), and Clint Hibbard (SFA).

During lunch time on Saturday, the top two riders from each school had a chance to ride in the rail jam sponsored by Lucky Devil Designs. Mark Heger (Texas) went for a huge 360 over the A-frame, but came up short with the handle. In the end, Leo Lasecki (Texas A&M) won the rail jam with a fs boardslide to bs 270 out. After the long day of riding on Saturday, the teams enjoyed a long night of partying in downtown Beaumont.

The top five teams from Saturday had the chance to ride in the finals on Sunday. The level of riding was definitely stepped up on day two of the event and the best riding of the weekend was seen. Key riders in the wakeskate finals included Sean Hegarty (Texas) throwing a body varial, a tweaked indy hs jump, bs shuvit, and 360 shuvit. Reese Daquin (Louisiana Tech) came in close second with his smooth ollie 360s and shuvits.

The wakeboard division also stepped it up during finals. Key riders included John Marshall (Texas Tech) with a tantrum to blind and crow mobe on his second pass; John Aulick (Texas A&M) with a huge elephant, ts and hs 540s, and switch scarecrow; Joram Hadden with a whirlybird and ts 540, but falling short on his crow mobe. The girls also threw down on Sunday. Key female riders were Jordan Houck (SFA), Courtney Harris (Texas A&M), Meagan Green (Texas), Nancy Gandy (La Tech), and Tamryn Parks (Texas Tech).

The tournament was a huge success, but I can’t thank our sponsors enough. Brandon and his crew from Texas Tige were a huge support to the event and brought two boats to help pull the event with zero problems. Skireel helped provide the gas and Wetsounds provided the PA system. Custom CNC trophies were provided by Lucky Devil Designs. All of the prizes were sponsored by, M2 Watersports, RipTank Boardshop, Dallas Slalom Shop,, Ripnsix clothing, UGP, and Lucky Devil Designs. I would also like to thank everyone who came and helped support the college wakeboard scene.