Imagine this: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding all in ONE day…sounds like a dream right? 
On February 19th, 2009, the Osiris Girls Team accomplished every action sports junkie’s dream come true: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding, all in one day. Osiris Girls team rider, pro wakeboarder and SoCal native Melissa Marquardt proposed the idea to do all the sports in one day and the rest is    history. The only thing better than getting to do all four sports in one day is having the top female athletes from each sport showing you how it’s done. X-Games Gold medalist skater Karen Jones, Sector 9 soul skater Annie Sullivan, Roxy team rider and ASP World Champion Long-boarder Jen Smith, female wakeskate pioneer Stef Tor, and backcountry pow slayer Vera Janssen made up the crew that took part in “Shred Day 2009”. Filmer Jonathan Villegas, photographer Dan Coronado, along with marketing/team manager Kimberly Woo    documented the day, capturing the adventure on film.     
The day consisted of everything you’d expect and then some: bathroom breaks every ten minutes, sinkholes on the freeway, hilarious topics of conversation in the car ride and best of all, epic conditions at each spot. With fresh snow at Mountain High, glassy water at the Carlsbad Lagoon, perfect waves in Pacific Beach and good company at Sector 9’s Bread Bowl, only one word could be used to describe the theme of the day: epic. Of course getting to do all the sports in one day is fun in itself, but getting inspired by other girls killing it at their sport and then having a blast doing yours is what made this day truly remarkable. After all, having fun riding with your friends is what these sports are really about.

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