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This past week Body Glove filmmakers Greg Browning and Scott Smith came into town to continue work on the Body Glove team video “Slick City.” For six days the Body Glove boys did nothing but drive around town at the butt crack of dawn to ride and shoot. I tagged along for most of the shoots to snap some photos and I don’t think I’ve been up at 5:00 AM that many mornings in a row in a long time.

Overall the week was a success. While we didn’t get as much Slick City slickness as we would have liked due to some lack of cooperation from Mother Nature, there was still plenty of magic to be documented. From double ups in Rusty’s backyard to an insane helicopter session to some goofy rail riding, the riders stayed true to form and had a good time while shredding their faces off.

Each day we would end up at Jeff’s and my place to review the footage with Greg and Scott and each day we were more and more impressed. Judging on the teaser that’s already been posted to this site, the footage gathered this past week, and the plans the team has for filming in the upcoming months, Slick City is going to bring some sickness to the wake video scene.

Here are some random highlights and lowlights from the week:

– No James Balzer… he was in Canada getting engaged

– McKee almost hitting the helicopter’s skids

– Rusty landing a sick backside 9 right under the helicopter

– Bob Soven breaking everything he touched

– Harley riding for one set and landing nearly every trick in his bag

– Pumpkin beer at Mellow Mushroom restaurant

– Jeff and Bob having dueling aqua dumps

– Bob spilling 5 gallons of gas in the bed of his truck and soaking everything else in it… boardshorts, rope, handle, helmet, bindings…