Splish, splash, Team Force is taking a bath. Welcome to the new millennium, we don’t have hover boards but we do have wakeboarding in parking lots, which is a nice little compromise. This weekend team Liquid Force invaded Rocklin, California for the eighth stop of it’s innovative Slide Show series. The event was held in front of the fine establishment known as Cope and McPhetres, and as always the rails for the event looked hot — so hot they had me sweating. Many thanks go to the rough working hands of Gregg Necrason and Kevin Henshaw.

After the rail was built a wonderful demo was put on by professional Forcers Gregg, Kevin, Aaron “Freedom” Reed, Kyle Walton, Melissa Marquardt, Shawn Watson and Aaron Aubrey. The ammeters all rode really well and were putting it all on the line. Some serious crashes were going down and making me a little nervous. And, for the first time in Slide Show history, a beautiful young woman by the name of Shelby Cantor defeated all the boys to win herself a ticket to the finals in Houston, Texas. Another standout getting a golden ticket to Houston was Chris Canuel.

The event was a wonderful time and had a very American vibe. There was even a band. The folks at Cope and McPhetres and everyone else who helped out were extremely nice and some of the best employees I have ever met. These Slide Shows are a really good time and if there is any way you can make it to the next two stops in either Orlando (September 2) or Houston (September 29) do the right thing and come absorb the spectacle that is the Liquid Force Slide Show. Supporting ingenuity of this sort is the American thing to do and if seeing all your favorite riders is not cool enough I’m going to be DJ-ing so you know you can always dance.