One of the benefits of being the new guy on the block is that it's your duty to dream big, or at least think outside the box. And while Slingshot is doing both of those, I'm more convinced it's their common sense that's paying off.

Case in point is their new boot line for '08 that we got a look at yesterday ay Expo. We've always known their theory behind closed toe boots providing a more athletic position while riding, particularly because of the lack of toe ramp and the importance of heel lock. But now they've added a newer brand of EVA liners (removable and heat-formable), a contoured footbed that feels like Flubber, and an removable instep harness for added support. They are effectively building boots from the inside out, which is exactly the way they should be for people who take their equipment seriously.

But maybe the best thing about the new boot set up is that they come with binding plates that fit either your Slingshot four-hole pattern, or a regular two-hole pattern. So no more gear that doesn't play well together. I encourage you to go and find out more at their website,, these boots really are one of the coolest new products we've seen at Expo.