This past weekend marked the first time the newest members of the Slingshot team had ever been together in one place. Jeff Mckee, Jeff House, Aaron Aubrey, Travis Propst and myself gathered together for 4 days to obtain media for the new site, snap pics, and eat dangerously hot Mexican food. Yes that’s right, dangerous. Anyways, some of the highlights from the trip included Travis’s smoothies, being introduced to Tijuana Flats, watching HD animated penguin movies, and pressing around OWC like they were going out of business. 

I’m sure you all know about Travis Propst’s wakeboarding skills, but I doubt you’ve experienced his smoothie creations. He can slice and dice with the best of them and play a blender like an organ. Malibu, you are truly amazing. The PB&J smoothie is his signature blend. Ask him about it, he’ll tell you. That brings me to Tijuana Flats. For some reason Jeff M convinced Travis and I to try the hottest sauce they had there, it's called endorphin rush. Aaron and Jeff H made the right decision because as soon as Travis and I put that stuff into our mouths we were convinced that it was brewed from pure Hate itself. After that, our mouths would remain numb and our teeth like sandpaper for about 2 hours. 
Since God didn’t bless us with the most prime shooting conditions, one afternoon we headed to OWC. We only had an hour to shred but it was one of the best cable sessions I’ve had to date. Not only were we in good company, but riding a Slingshot on rails pretty spiritual in itself.
So, after this weekend I must say I am happy to be a part of such fun, unique team. Everyone brings something to the table and positive vibes were plentiful. Look out for media from the trip at Special thanks goes out to Jeff Logosz and Mira Kwon for making it all possible, and last but not least, Jeff McKee for letting us mess up his house all weekend.