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The Slingshot team taking care of business on the 2014 Wake Product. Featuring Jeff House, Dylan Miller, Ben Leclair, Corrie Dyer, Brian Reeder, Shredtown, Steffen Vollert, Jeff McKee, Oli Derome, and James Windsor.

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27 Responses to “Slingshot Wake 2014 Team Edit”

  1. question mark? Says:

    Alex Greydon getting no love?
    He’s the best overall and unique rider on the team. IMO

  2. WHERE IS QUINN ???? Says:

    Quinn Silvernale? : (

  3. Sam Says:

    Dope riders/riding! But a little heartbroken Quinn Silvernail and Alex Graydon weren’t in it :(

  4. Jason Says:

    The new line looks amazing!

  5. chad Says:

    Mike Ennen?

  6. dangboi Says:

    Dope. Sorry to grayden and qiunns girlfriends but they were not missed after shredtown and Windsor Owned it. Those new boots look radical. Good job Slingshot.

  7. Ripstick Says:

    The new gear is epic and the most solid team in wake! #2014 #theyearofslingshot

  8. Adam silcio Says:

    Dangboi eat a bag of dicks

  9. mr. chou Says:

    where the heck is Quinn Silvernale and Alex Graydon?!?!

  10. What? Says:

    Such a legit team! New boards are so sick!!!

  11. ok Says:

    graydon and silver are ok i guess , but the video is good so shut up

  12. mr. chou Says:

    why would you even care?!? go kill yourself

  13. Blake Bishop Says:

    wheres the rocketship?

  14. kyle Says:

    Graydon best overall, my ass. Might have decent style but best overall is for sure Derome. Doesnt really matter but someones gotta keep you internet fools in check

  15. KP Says:

    What a cool video!

  16. uhuhhhh Says:

    Stoked to see Jeff House is back and SHREDDING might I add??????

  17. Jared H. Says:

    I disagree. Mortal Kombat is a very good game, but Donkey Kong is better.

  18. omg Says:

    BRIAN REEDER PLEASE STOP BEING A LAZY DUMB ASS ZEACHER.. your skinny and you are a pussy no one knows what you are trying to do and the shit you do is easy as hell. if one person in this video could please not ever be filmed again it would be you… as for the rest of you.. your good just ask Windsor and steffen whats up and LISTEN to them hell maybe you could WATCH them and learn on YOUR OWN omg theres an idea… im just a hater named pedro I don’t know whats up don’t listen to me. but really brian… you are so disappointing

  19. bobby Says:

    Quit hating. reeder has his own style…much like mckee. Not super technical, but clean. Windsor and steffen are good at nothing but cable so I’m so sure that the guys on the team need to be listening to them…maybe the other way around

  20. everyone Says:

    Don’t vote for Pedro.

  21. Well. Says:

    I’m pretty sure this video was just meant to sneak some of the 2014 gear. Everyone relax a little.

  22. ok Says:

    mr.chou is dumb . wow why hate about reeder he got 2 half tricks in this vid and the toe back 3 was SICK !

  23. TylerC Says:

    Graydon not being in this video is a joke. Best Style and creativity out there.

  24. Alex Graydon Says:

    To everyone who wanted to see me in this video, thank you so much for the kind words and support. However, this video isn’t about the riding, it is showcasing the 2014 lineup. I was asked to come shoot for this video but was out of town during the time they were filming. The edit turned out awesome, Pat did a phenomenal job as always, and the riding was insanely proper. Ill have videos dropping soon and I’m sure Pat has plenty planned for the future. I’m fortunate to be on such an awesome team with such a great company. Thanks to everyone who watched the video and supports the product.

  25. EDGAR Says:


  26. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Jeff would put his part at the bridge of the song for effect…

    Alex keep reppin lake martin well

  27. Tyler B Says:

    All you idiots need a real job. PW great edit as always. Slingy looking strong again this year.

    haha jeeze kids get over yourselves and your rich parents.


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