Michigan’s Small Brown Bike have released two brand new songs via a 7” on No Idea Records . The 7” is entitled Composite, Vol. 1, and is the first in a 7” series to be released by No Idea as the band writes and records new material. The two songs featured on the record are “When We Run” and “Hourglass.” The 7” is limited to 1,100 copies, all of which include a digital download code, and can be purchased from the No Idea Records mailorder and directly from the band.

You can check out live video of both new songs from their recent performance at THE FEST 8 in Gainesville, FL via Alternative Press and you can stream both new songs on the main page of  the on No Idea Records site.

The second installment of the 7” series will be released when the band returns to Florida in the spring for their performance at the second annual Harvest of Hope Fest , March 12-14, 2009 in St. Johns County, FL.

Small Brown Bike officially announced last month that the band was back together with their original line-up and were working on new material. The band posted the following statement about reforming and writing:

“Hi friends. First off, thanks for the good words over the last month. It’s awesome to know that there are still people out there listening. You all rule. We just wanted to add some more details about what’s happening. To make a long story short, the original lineup (Mike, Ben, Travis, Dan) is back together and working on new music. Over the last few months we’ve been writing a ton of new stuff and currently have about ten new songs finished plus a bunch more in various stages. We’re all really excited about how it’s going. So far, so good! The bottom line for us is to have fun, write music, and play a few shows here and there. Just like we did when we started the band. Keep it simple.
So that’s what’s happening. Thanks again for listening. See you at the shows!”

The band has a few special shows planned for the rest of the year, with more appearances planned for 2010. No official tours are in the works at this time.

Small Brown Bike shows:
12/4 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen (Early all ages show)
12/4 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen (Late adult show – SOLD OUT)
12/5 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar

Small Brown Bike had releases on Second Nature Records , Smallman Records , and were part of the No Idea Records family, releasing several groundbreaking albums before leaving the label to release their final swan song on Lookout! Records , ultimately breaking up in 2004.
The band played a few reunion shows in September 2007 to benefit a dear friend of the band who was battling leukemia, including a final reunion show at THE FEST 6.

You can check out the video and download MP3s of their entire set from THE FEST 6 at National Underground .

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