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Alex Graydon and Jon Dickey step outside the box to try “Something Different.”

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23 Responses to “Something Different”

  1. hmm Says:

    By “stepping out of the box” and trying “something different” it just means some heavily snowboard influenced wakeboarding. But that’s ok to say that. It’s awesome riding.

  2. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Too sick guys! I need more..

  3. floyd Says:

    If your gonna try something different by taking your foot out of your binding, how about taking them both out and just start wakeskating..

  4. Mr. John Says:

    Yeahhh trousers shredding !!

  5. Steve Says:

    Is it just me or no matter what Jon Dickey does a wakeboard it looks weird? Theres just something about him.

  6. Cole Says:

    It’s just you Steve

  7. E40 Says:

    his riding just reaks of homosexuality … just quit

  8. Sodomiser Says:

    If this is homosexuality, we should be striving to jump on the gay train…but I call caboose

  9. steveP Says:

    those one footers are begging for a knee injury.

  10. chad Says:

    Different if you have never seen Scott Stevens or Jesse Burtner snowboard. Still sick riding though. It’s about time one footers came into wakeboarding

  11. Tickle's cousin Says:

    E-40…you wish he was, you know you want him!!

    Floyd…dont think that Alex couldnt school you on a wakeskate:)

    Good edit Dickey & Alex…let these Normies/haters look awfully the same every day.

  12. Jeff Mathis Says:

    2legit, don’t quit.

  13. yesiveseenaballoon Says:

    What a bunch of loons

  14. Haze Says:

    @Sadomiser you had me laughing out of my mind when I read that comment! Nice. Sick edit guys, I liked it a lot.

  15. Jamie Graff Says:

    Great to see Alex bringing new twist on wakeboarding. One of the only people doing it differently out there. Haters gonna hate.

  16. Ben Says:

    You guys are trippin!!! This video and their style is sick!! There video is on this site for a reason and not yours

  17. Ras Trent Says:

    Black Victory! Shane Bonifay must be happy for the resurgence of the most popular trend in wakeboarding of all time… WAKEBOARD PANTS!!!!

  18. Ras Trent Says:


  19. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Killin it boys! Keep it up! #onefootrevolution

  20. nothingnew Says:

    I like waterpants because you can pee them and nobody knows

  21. FLIP D$K Says:

    those guys rip, I was riding there in early january and they were messing around with some one footers I was hoping to see some footage of that shit. The dude with the dreads was spinning off the kickers one footed that day too. McCormick’s is sick !!!!!!!!!!

  22. BillyE Says:

    i rememeber shane bonifay was doing one footed double ups… like 13 years ago on tour… they were pretty cool, he has style though.

  23. tehehe Says:



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