January 14th, 2014 by alliance

Alex Graydon is joined by Phil Aslinger, Taylor Renfroe and Ben Allbright as the first stop of the Southern Hospitality Tour kicks off on Lake Martin, Alabama. Special thanks to Slingshot, Malibu, Singleton Marine, Boom Movement, and Ambush Board Co.

Filmed by- Bradlee Rutledge
Edit by- Bradlee Rutledge & Alex Graydon
Song- My Number by Foals

21 Responses to “Southern Hospitality Tour – Alabama”

  1. Yes Says:

    Graydon has style for days

  5. wakedork Says:

    1:28 is the sickness!!! I could watch Alex do those all day. Really good video from some really good dudes!

  6. Clendenin Says:

    Good work boys! Soutthhh Sideee

  7. JH Says:

    the last guy lands really smooth. i want to try a slingshot now.

  9. Jon Dickey Says:

    Great job fellas132445657890

  10. Davis Says:

    Graydon makes wakeboarding look good

  11. Stephen Says:

    Some much style in 2 minutes and 53 seconds of edit, great job!

  12. boomsmack Says:

    riding got progessivly better as it went on. Super sick all around

  13. ricketts Says:

    That backroll double nose tho

  14. TJ Allen Says:

    Everyone in this video kills it. Very nice.

  15. Wrapitup Says:

    Fuck that was weak.. Just quit

  16. Ströberg Jonas Says:

    Sick Graydon. Sick!!!!

  17. LUE DOGGG Says:

    Yo my dog Ben and Phil are killin it , niceee!

  18. Clayton Underwood Says:

    Ya guys! nice work, riding was fun! keep it up

  19. tunes Says:

    I dont understand why Graydon isnt a main slingshot team rider. Style for dazzzeee

  20. Motivatenohate Says:

    My intention is to motivate the other riders in this clip, all riders for that matter. I hope you guys that saw Graydon ride in person during this shoot took notes and picked his brain, because that is what I would have done. His ability to control his body in the air the way he does is special to watch. If he wobbled an any of his landings, I missed it. Legit riding Alex, I am officially inspired!

  21. dario diana Says:

    sick riding Graydon !!


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