November 13th, 2013 by alliance

The Southern Hospitality Tour follows Alex Graydon through the south where he met, rode, and partied with friends along the way. Keep an eye out for this four part series to drop throughout the winter months.
Video by Brad Rutledge

11 Responses to “Southern Hospitality Tour Teaser”

  1. LayLakeNinjas Says:

    Yea Brad and Alex!! Can’t wait for this one

  2. wakeboarder Says:

    awesome! sweet teaser, solid riding editing and song choice can’t wait to see it dudes

  3. shredder Says:

    Yea Trophy Lakes

  4. 337 Says:

    yeaaah cant wait to see ben albright

  5. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    Hell yea boys! My house is looking bro af. Stoked the park is getting some shots. Come back anytime! :D

  7. Hooked on phonics Says:

    maybe stick to wakeboarding boys. “LOUISIANA”

  8. The joe jones Says:

    Poor Mississippi:/

  9. Alex Graydon Says:

    Ahhh!! Hooked on phonics, we caught that and changed it but I guess the corrected version didn’t get uploaded. Good looking out though. Glad to see that some people can still spell even though we obviously can’t..

  10. jon Says:

    I appreciate the Oxford comma. And the riding. Looking forward to this.

  11. HOP Says:

    Brilliant!! i enjoyed watching this. i appreciate your effort. keep up good work.


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