Portland, OR – Rusty Malinoski, 23, and Phillip Soven, 18, have battled on the water all season long for the 2007 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour title. Today, both riders went head-to-head in the season-ending match that determined who would earn a year's worth of bragging rights and the largest cash payout in tour history, the $10,000 Indmar Performance Award.

In an intense match-up on the water, Phillip Soven immerged victorious. In doing so, the Florida native earned his fourth win of the season and captured his first overall tour title. Malinoski finished both second in the contest and for the season. Chad Sharpe placed third overall.

The Rip It Apparatus Award went to Brett Eisenhauer for his healside backside off-axis 720.

The Pro Women's Division also hit the water today for their final round of competition. Shelby Kantar upset frontrunner Amber Wing in the finals to capture the victory in Portland and claim the her first overall title. Wing placed second at the contest and overall. Emily Copeland Durham took third for the season.

AJ Racinelli went into today's Rip It JX Series finals looking to claim his fourth win of the season, but was upset by the only other rider to win a tour stop this year, Mitch Langfield. However, all was not lost for Racinelli, as he earned enough points in the final event of the season to capture the overall title for the Rip It JX Series. Jimmy LaRiche took second place on the season with Ryan Anderson finishing third.

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Pro Men Wakeboard – OVERALL

1 Phillip Soven

2 Rusty Malinoski

3 Adam Errington

3 Danny Harf

5 Trevor Hansen

5 Chad Sharpe

5 Daniel Watkins

5 Shawn Watson

Women's Professional – Finals Heat 01

1 Shelby Kantar USA 71.67

2 Amber Wing AUS 68.89

3 Nicola Butler USA 63.89

4 Raequel Hoffman USA 53.33

5 Laura Lohrmann USA 46.11

6 Melissa Marquardt USA 37.78

7 Sunni Anne Ball CDN 31.67

8 Maeghan Major USA 29.44

Junior Men (14-18) – Finals

Heat 01

1 Mitchell Langfield AUS 70.56

2 Kyle Alberts USA 63.33

3 Jimmy LaRiche USA 54.44

4 A.J Racinelli USA 48.33

Pro Men Wakeboard – Round 2

1 Adam Errington

2 Chad Sharpe

1 Rusty Malinoski

2 Daniel Watkins

1 Danny Harf

2 Shawn Watson

1 Phillip Soven

2 Trevor Hansen

Pro Men Wakeboard – Round 1

1 Adam Errington

2 Keith Lidberg

1 Chad Sharpe

2 Derek Grasman

1 Daniel Watkins

2 Aaron Rathy

1 Rusty Malinoski

2 Shane Bonifay

1 Shawn Watson

2 JD Webb

1 Danny Harf

2 Bryan Hutton

1 Trevor Hansen

2 Dean Smith

1 Phillip Soven

2 Brett Eisenhauer

Junior Men (14-18) – Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Kyle Alberts USA 60.00

2 Jimmy LaRiche USA 53.89

3 Danny Burnstein USA 47.78

4 Julian Cohen USA 45.56

5 Ryan Anderson USA 33.33

Heat 02

1 Mitchell Langfield AUS 53.89

2 A.J Racinelli USA 46.67

3 Tony Carroll USA 40.00

4 Bradey Price CAN 28.89

5 Raphael Derome CAN 21.67