Spanky Beaver’s Wakeboarding Jib Jam: Vallejo, July 2010

Its summertime in Northern California again, and that means it is time to have wakeboard rail jams in public pools. Spanky Beaver’s Wakeboarding rail jam has been happening since 2006, and it keeps getting better. With 4 rails in the water, and 3 winches pulling riders in both directions the excitement was constant. Organized by Al Marchiniak and promoted by Brodie Chaboya, both Nor-Cal Hyperlite team riders, Spanky Beaver’s Wakeboarding Jib Jam has become a stable in the wake scene.

The 2 day event lets riders of all skill levels ride rails in a unique venue consisting of crystal clear heated water and live music. The best part of the event is the night riding. The pool has stadium lights, and underwater lights which light up the rails and riders.

Word on the street is that there might be another Spanky Beaver’s this year, so keep an ear to ground for an announcement.

Text By: Al Marchiniak
Photos By: Cameron and Elliott Brown