April 28th, 2010 by alliance

By Adam Aslanian

This spot was recently discovered on my move over to east side orlando. I’d like to say I have some great story about how I found it, but truth be told, sometimes you just get lucky. The place I moved into backs up to a nature preserve and is surrounded by multiple small ponds perfect for winching. At first sight I thought this might be a great place to build a little flat bar, but after a short walk with my dog, I realized it was much more. As it turns out the lakes are connected by a cement landgap 15- 20 ft long, with about  a 3 ft. drop. Not the biggest drop by any means, but it sure takes one heck of an ollie to clear it.

Thinking it might be a little hairy for a wakeskate (although definitely do-able I’m sure) I got on the horn and hit up the Shredtown guys. Always amped to hit something new they came out the next day and shredded it for hours, hassle free. We didnt get kicked out or even harassed by neighbors. In fact one guy even offered to help us with the winch! It turned out to be a perfect, bust-free gap, right in my backyard no less. I don’t think I could ask for anything better.

12 Responses to “Spot or Not: Backyard Gap”

  1. The Truth Says:


  2. the real truth Says:

    hey “The Truth”, and what have you done for our sport? shredtown has inovated our sport opend up new, cheap, and fun ways to shred. and honestly, change your name. cuz it seams like you for got what THE TRUE meaning of shredding is, y we all started riding in the first place. And that was the name of a liquid force film, real original bud. and whats with the sarcastic shit talking, its not needed. the point of this article is spot or not. and obviously you chose not, thats all we needed to hear. dont be a dick.

  3. the real truth Says:

    and btw there tapping a barrel over this 6 ft drop witch is pretty dope.

  4. ruzel Says:

    These guys are innovators..dont get me wrong, but when are they gonna realize that there are no good gaps in fla..someone send shredtown a bus ticket back to Texas

  5. Reeder Says:

    FL is Flat .. like P wielands mom. get with the program.

  6. kirby Says:

    yeah jr

  7. GH Says:

    The Truth = The Lame = The Fail

  8. The Truth Says:

    You guys are just mad that you can’t hit these spots on a wakeskate! Leave the training wheels at home!

  9. John Haile Says:

    3 feet may not be high, but the fact that they have to travel 15-20 feet with only 3 feet of drop is a real challenge even for a wakeboard. I’m willing to bet that The Truth couldn’t clear that gap on a wakeboard, much less a wakeskate.

  10. steveP Says:

    things are heating up…..

  11. steveP Says:

    i bet i could hit that on some wake skis… maybe even barefoot. hows that sound truth?

  12. The Truth Says:

    Steve, sounds very far from the truth. However, I would totally believe you if you said rollerblading was cooler than wakeboard winching.


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