Fabian about to give it a go

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photo: Hudson

By Jason Hudson

This gap is located in Wilmington, NC off the Randall Parkway (hence the creative name.)  A dam for a drainage reservoir, it offers consequence and thrills for all who attend.  If it the 8ft drop doesn’t kill you, then rest assured it will be the giant concrete slab positioned perfectly in your landing area.  Don’t be scared, you can clear it the slab and when you do the depth goes from a bone breaking two inches deep to a perfectly manageable ten inches.

As the sun sets it lights up this place nicely, but if it hasn’t rained in a while you might find yourself dry. But at least the low water level will reveal the rebar and boulders that should probably be avoided.

To get here, just turn off the parkway, drive down a short dirt road and jump a jankety fence and your there!  There is a great spot to park your winch and a great viewing area along the fence for spectators.  The neighbors around don’t seem to mind the commotion, so you don’t have to worry about sweet talking anyone while you’re there.

Recently a bunch of the fellers from Aussie Island came out to try their luck at Randall Roulette.  Nick Joseph, Ronnie Anderson, Clay Martin and Fabian Ashley threw down until the sun set behind the kudzoo infested forrest that is slowly eating the spot.  A few hours and some great shots later that got what they came for: a few minutes in Aussie Island’s team video No Name Losers and nearly killing a photographer (thanks Fabian.)

If you come out this way make sure you get your tetanus shot and bring plenty of antibiotics.  The water is not the least bit clean, but that doesn’t seem to bother the family of gators that live nearby. Then again, I think they may be smart enough not to go near it.  In all seriousness, it is a tough start, you’re going to have to swim out against a mild current to get enough starting room, make sure you’ve got some pretty good speed to get over the shelf and clear the slab.  Keep your feet underneath you, or you might find yourself face down in some mud resembling something that grows on the food in the back of my fridge.  If you can avoid all the factors of a probable demise, then the shots will be oh, so nice.  While you’re here in Wilmington, don’t forget to stop by Aussie Island Surf Shop to pick up your copy of No Name Losers and tell us how you survived The Randall Gap.