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Cable guru Dominik Guhrs take a few laps to start the fire! Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Start the Fire with Dominik Guhrs”

  1. joe Says:

    Hell yeah. Finally some new interesting stuff. Good mix of spins, inverts, and rails. Unique style. Go Dominik

  2. kyle Says:

    unreal powerful riding, totally killed it. this is wakeboarding

  3. Kyle Linsey Says:

    it is pretty sad and pathetic that this has only 2 posts. the kid killed the rails, killed the air tricks and killed the kicker hits. it shows how narrow minded all of these kids are right now. if you ain’t pressing everything then you ain’t pressin nothing. this sport needs to chance. you killed it niki

  4. Trent Cole Says:

    Other guys put out weak ass edits full of nose presses and back 1s. Dominik brings the fire and throws hammers.

  5. Francis Parkinson Says:

    Totally agree with you Kyle! Hands down to Dom, this was really sick!

  6. boomsmack Says:

    flips off of rails were awesome!!!! Air tricks were really cool too, its nice to finally see some really good ones!!! raley to bs 540 was sick!!!

  7. matty Says:

    Awesome edit BULLAAAAAAA


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