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Steel Lafferty goes all in on this video. He gives you an insight on his passion for wakeboarding and his desire to push his riding to the next level.

Video by: Alex Glass

Steel would like to thank his sponsors: RedBull, Nike, Mastercraft,Liquid Force, Straightline, Electric Visual, Kicker Audio and Performance Ski and Surf.

50 Responses to “Steel Lafferty All In”

  1. jon Says:

    That late grabbed bs 5 was sick. Awesome riding and edit.

  2. curt Says:

    nosegrab late back 3!

    dam wendy, those fries are crispy.

  3. Nice Says:


  4. woww Says:

    Holy shlitzle I am blown away by his riding. Smooth yet powerful. Lafferty & Henshaw for prez and VP

  5. Tyler Says:

    Killin it!! Such a dope vid.. Props to Steel and the homies Alex and Bret for makin this sikk edit!!

  6. johnny Says:

    Why does it matter if wakeboarding is “bigger” or more popular? Does it make is more fun? No. There are already plenty of kooks roughing up the water and the line is long enough at the cable. Wakeboarding is unpopular to outsiders because pretty much the same shit is being done over and over. Sure its fun, but “pushing” the sport doesnt make it more fun

  7. Riley Says:

    @ Johnny if wakeboarding is bigger it can siupport more companies and more riders. There are plenty of amazing riders out there that would love to make wakeboarding a profession, but until there is a bigger pie to go around it can’t happen.

  8. Riley Says:

    and I am not saying that’s why steel wants it to be bigger. what I stated above is just a benefit of a bigger sport

  9. TRUTH Says:

    My name is steel derp derp derp. Less talking more riding. A couple of cool shots in this but not super impressed.

  10. it happens Says:

    Hey Truth, where is your edit and why isn’t it up here… derp, derp, derp…

  11. Jake Says:

    Sick edit Steel, funk those derpers!

  12. NIK Says:


  13. NIK Says:

    And truth… your an idiot

  14. Charlton Says:

    Haters, haters,haters… the dude is sick so unless you can put up an edit and ride in the PWT keep your comments to yourself! sick vid. Steel!

  15. johnny Says:

    @Charlton. Just because you ride in the Pro Tour does NOT make you a good rider. Anyone can enter. Plus the riding has been the same for years. PWT is glorified water skiing.

  16. brah Says:

    He started the video by talking about not hucking yourself and grabbing legit tricks and then he went out there and just hucked a bunch of ungrabbed spins??? confused…. all he grabbed was 2 back fives…

  17. The Spangler Says:

    That was sick, the nose grab late back 3 was banger, along with that back 10 damn.

    And oh internet boards, isn’t great allowing to comment anonymously?

  18. Chris Says:

    Not gonna lie, this video is crap. A lot of these videos are. Why can’t our sport have good looking stuff? The intro interview was ok but the lensing and framing choices felt awkward. Than all the riding looked like it was shot handheld on an old Mini DV camera. Give me a break, our sport deserves better! Steel deserves better, his riding was legit. This video wasn’t.

  19. Chris Says:

    I’m sorry, this video isn’t crap. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  20. peter Says:

    Steel you as pro as they come man. Thanks for taking time to make this vid. I wish it was a yearly requirement for all riders to do at least one vid. Those big ol toe back 1s were donkey kong

  21. OTT Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOPE!!! late grabs for days

  22. steveP Says:

    that was awesome!!! grabbing everything! yeah steel

  23. Charlton Says:

    @johnny are you serious bro??? you can’t just snag a spot in the PWT whenever you want… thats like saying the players in the NBA aren’t that good anyone can do it, thats why its called PRO wakeboard tour you have to have sponsors and be invited. and if you’ve ever put your feet in a wakeboard its about as far away as you can get from waterskiing? Go hop on a tube bruh this aint for you!

  24. Charlton Says:

    the riding has been the same for years? Riders been throwin double tantrums and 1080’s for years? hmm where have i been???

  25. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Is steel tweakin on meth at the beginning with those twitches??

  26. shredoli Says:

    Sick grabs, huge dubs, some cable to boot. Not sure what else you need. Great song to compliment.

  27. johnny Says:

    @Charlton Yeah Im serious. All you have to do is sign up and pay the fees and you’re in the PWT. And yeah, Phil has pretty much been winning the tour with the exact same tricks for like 4 years. Show us some footage of 1080s and double flips being thrown in the middle of a PWT run? Yeah, you cant. And Riders? You accidently made that plural. Harley was the only one who has done the Double tantrum this year and it wasnt during the middle of his run. And as far as you can get from water-skiing? Thats a bit of a stretch. What did wakeboarding evolve from? Wakeboards are sold by water ski companies. Get your shit straight, wakeboarding is not as cool as you think… “bruh”.

  28. The Spangler Says:

    Hey Johnny, just because kneeboarding died you don’t have to take it out on us.

  29. johnny Says:

    @The Spangler… Never kneeboarded in my life. Lets not even go there.

  30. anonymous Says:

    what brace does he wear?

  31. Over and over Says:

    Legit? Maybe some but not 100% by any standard… If were being honest with ourselves… Cutting edge/ ground breaking tricks? A couple tricks were… Back 10 was cool… That gap to fire cracker down that thing at OWC was sick. But over all i feel like i saw the same video like two years ago from Rathy… And the Zeach police are gonna be all over this one…

  32. thomas Says:

    @johnny. Guess what trick harley landed in his run to won over phil the third pro stop???? Double tantrum bro ….. stop talking your making a fool of yourself …
    its clear that you dont know shit about wakeboard!

    P.S Tweak grab over gab to firecracker was pretty gnarly steel!!!

  33. johnny Says:

    @Thomas Harley did not do it during the middle of his run, as I said before. It was like in his Victory run.

  34. Harley Says:

    @johnny , get a life and stop hating on wakeboarding, Yea i hit a double tantrum in my run not no trucking victory run. You dont have a clue what you talkin bout. Before you comment again, i want you to post a video of your riding so we can all comment on how shitty it is. And for the PWT you have to be ranked in top 40 rider after first two events to ride in last 3 stops. So yea, you gotta be pro to compete in the entire series of events. Get your shit strait you ho!

  35. Thomas Says:

    Harley dropping the words!! Eat that you wakeboard hater!

  36. charlton Says:

    Uh oh I got @Harley backing me up now! Get outta here @johnny you’re a clown.

  37. charlton Says:

    @Johnny and I did mean RIDERS rusty (1080) Harley(double tantrum,DURING his run) Parks (double half cab role) so yeah ridersss! You’re an idiot

  38. Edd B Says:

    Haha Johnny got OWNEDDDD

  39. tom Says:

    how could you hate on such a great video!!

  41. johnny Says:

    @Charlton… WOW one 1080 in a contest 2 years ago… SO innovative. That really “pushed” the contest scene to an entire new level!

  42. Collin Says:

    @Johnny Tobaben stop being a hater on your own sport… Just because you never made it to the pro tour doesn’t mean you gotta hate on it. Just face it your better at knee boarding and tubing! Your a joke in the wakeboarding community!

  43. Charlton Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha johnny is a douche!

  44. Thomas Says:

    @Johnny And with that double tantrum he managed to beat phil soven by 2 points…. so I guess it wasnt a victory run was it?

  45. back 10 Says:

    @everyone… back 10. stop talking

  46. johnny Says:

    Yeah… adding a 180 to a back 9? sooo creative. I wonder how he thought of that?

  47. Charlton Says:

    @johnny all you do is get on here to talk shit and try to make your sad self feel better. if wake boarding is so stupid to you remind me why the hell you’re on a wake boarding website? are you alright in the head?

  48. johnny Says:

    Haha have I ever said wakeboarding is stupid? No actually I never said that. And I have not made one claim to how I ride, because that would be pointless. Why do you keep replying to my comments? Is it making you feel better? It must be. Thanks for taking the time to actually care. Im having fun talking to you. Its been a pleasure. But I’m getting the vibe that you aren’t having a pleasure time. So in that case, I’m definetly not the one who is wasting my time.

  49. Bill Dance Says:

    I hate everyone.

  50. Bill Dance Says:

    We can blame all of this on Obama.


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