July 24th, 2014 by Submitted

After spending a few years riding in Orlando, Stephen Pierce decided to bring it all back home to Lake Norman, North Carolina. Stephen continues to push the NC scene with one of the best attitudes around and always has more fun riding than anyone I know. Good vibes and fun times are what LKN is all about.

Film/Edit: Rob Russell (robrussellfilms.com)

26 Responses to “Stephen Pierce – LKN Forever”

  1. novapull Says:

    Why are these guys so cocky? Does anyone know these dudes, is this supposed to be a joke?

  2. Skatta Says:

    First I wana say this is a super well produced video and with mad good riding, great job guys. I’ve seen these guys riding and producing for the last five years on this site and props keep it up. 2nd novapull where have you been? Better yet who are you? Your probably a kook that drives around a fiat and still lubricates his bindings with boot loob.

  3. urmumsfavdriver Says:

    Novapull, shut up. These boys are REAL. Keep it up fellas, can’t wait for the next video to drop!

  4. PeckerheadPetey Says:

    Why are they so cocky Novapull?? Cuz they are that much better than you

  5. buddy brett Says:

    Fuck yea boys, this is the trillest shit i’ve seen in a minute.

  6. J.b. ONeill Says:

    So sick Stephen! youre absolutely shredding!

  7. Adam Holdsworth Says:

    Sick edit!! Killin it

  8. novapull Says:

    Look I wasn’t trying to be a troll it’s just the number of “mean muggin”/”i’m too cool for even this movie” shots from all the guys in the video comes across really cocky to me. I was just wondering if that was intentionally douchey or them just messing around in the video. I don’t know them personally so I have no gauge on the whole thing.

    To help give you an example take Dylan Miller, he has a few vids like that but you know he is joking around and is a really good guy. So to ask my original question again, are they joking around or serious?

    For the record I did enjoy the video for the production value, and riding.

    p.s. who doesn’t drives around in fiat and still lubricates their bindings with boot loob…..that comment did make me laugh though.

  9. M2kidslaxcamftbl Says:

    Very nicely done!! These are good guys, they do alot with in the community!


  10. dan f Says:

    rip rip

  11. shred it Says:

    haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love, i swear i don’t want… none of the above i want to piss on you! Stephen Pierce for President!!!!!

  12. Jbob Says:

    Excellent Edit!

  13. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    that was so G! yeeehauu! sick shredding! stail crow mobe was money! don’t see a lot of those.

  14. JBarnes Says:

    Yeahhh Stephen! Stale crow mobe was ill! Nice edit Rob, as always!

  15. BAM Says:


  16. Shannon Smith Says:

    So Proud of our Guys!! Great Riding and another great Film By Rob!! Keep on Keep’n on!! Just Livin’

  17. Marc Besner Says:

    Thats was fun to watch and different ! Exactly whats wakeboarding need !

  18. ... Says:

    Shhh… don’t tell Tyler we only wanted him for the car

  19. boomsmack Says:

    stale crow was sick!!! so was nuclear glide to blind!!! I could watch these guys all day!

  20. Rob Russell Says:

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for all the love and hate, both drive better films and better riding!

  21. Douche Patrol Says:

    Awesome riding. I hope the edit was intended to be sarcastic. Otherwise, we’ve got some extreme douche bags on our hands here, especially the king douche in the opening.

  22. Cam Steiner Says:

    Stuntin is a habit!!! Killin it bro!

  23. novapull Says:

    “Douche Patrol” thank you for your comments, thats exactly what i was saying! I did go back and look at Stephen Pierce’s older vids and based on those it would appear this video is being sarcastic.

  24. Chris Trabbold Says:

    Haha I thought the intro was hilarious.. good riding Stephen, killin it as always!

  25. Rack em Willie Says:

    haha I find it funny that so many people on here care so much that they go out of their way to make assumptions about people. Keep on shredding and what a sick edit…and as always rack rack rackball

  26. Ricky Says:

    hahah the slit throat shot kills me. awesome edit


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