March 14th, 2012 by jeffmckee


Team Byerly enjoying the fruits of their labor…

Every now and then we get lucky here at Alliance and turn a questionable idea into something completely brilliant. The 1080 contest is one example of this and the Stiff Poles Dark Holes fishing tournament is another. A 1080 contest without 1080’s could be bad like a fishing tournament with no fish. Thankfully this was not the case for either event. In fact we knocked both out of the park. An average of 20-something bass per boat in 3 hours is usually unheard of, unless of course,  you are fishing at the projects. Below are the extra photo’s from the event that we couldn’t squeeze in the mag…For the full story check out issue 12.3 out now.



2 Responses to “Stiff Poles and Dark Holes: Extra’s”

  1. dang Says:

    that’s a serious big. Big Bitch eh?

  2. steveP Says:

    I googled stiff poles n dark holes and didn’t see the same photos..


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