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Liquid Force and Billabong are proud to present Part 2 of Strange Overtones, a series of videos that portrays professional Wakeboarder Raphael Derome.
Wakeboarding has become a contest orientated sport, where the majority of up and comers believe that to achieve their goal of going pro, contests are the only solution. At only 21, Raphael has proven that he is one of the best in his sport. From winning contests to filming incredible video parts, Raphael understands the importance, but at the same time has found an alternate route of becoming a professional wakeboarder by being original and creative with his talent.
Strange Overtones Part 2 portrays Raphael’s perception on the aspect of contests in his sport. He explains the external pressure that is associated with competition, and how contests don’t necessarily determine who is the best wakeboarder, but rather who is the best that day. Raphael Derome is trying to break a contest mold and is riding stuff that suits his personality.
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23 Responses to “Strange Overtones Part 2”

  2. Not a drama genre Says:

    Haha what the hell is this? Talk about taking it too serious. Y’all realize most of the world gets this sport confused with knee boarding? that was like watching the Kardashians

    … More Bob, and more Rock N Fing Roll man!

  3. Mike Ennen Says:

    Nice work boys loved the edit! Some people just don’t get this is an art, a passion, and a real sport. Hey “Not a drama genre” you think if Raph didn’t take it so serious he would be where he is today? Have some respect!

  4. Alexa Says:

    My god, this dude’s ego has reached uncharted territory. This preachy, self-righteous BS is flat embarrassing. Get over yourself and just enjoy riding.

    That’s what the rest of us are doing. We don’t need you to fly the flag and try to act like you’re the freakin’ savior of wakeboarding. If you don’t like contests, don’t do them. Simple as.

  5. TK Says:

    I get the point but why fill the video with competition footage, I didn’t see any ‘free riding’ in there?

  6. Jeff Says:

    The hipster of our sport

  7. haha Says:

    Raph is a genuine guy , and everyone who know him unserstand that. Those comments are proof that many wakeboarder doesnt know what is progression , Raph has bring what wakeboarding needed for a long time. Doing contest for a living doesnt make you love them. Keep zeaching on big plastic boxes and do S-Bend on the corner you clowns.

  8. What? Says:

    Raph? Why do contest if you don’t like them? No need to tell us that you are getting forced to do things you don’t like. Just change your ways and don’t do them. Life is too short to do things you don’t like.

    …. And just admit it you like contest. We are not going to think less of you.

  9. Stu Says:

    Finally somebody is willing to step out and address the “contest vs. free riding” issue. The wakeboarding world has been much too silent on this issue for far too long. Its like the magazines are to afraid to talk about it. Its a shame the Vandall won’t weigh in on this, I’m sure he has something to say. Now if we could get Shane Bonifay to do a 6 minute video on wake pants we’d REALLY have some momentum in the direction of all things relevant and cutting edge.

  10. who cares Says:

    What is this “free riding” they speak of? I have to pay every time, wether it’s gas or a cable pass.

  11. Someone is ungrateful Says:

    These pros should be stoked they get to ride everyday. Contest, cable, winch, boat, or free riding shouldn’t matter. He must not like the fact that he competed in the worlds biggest wake event with the best wakeboarders in the world. Any wakeboarder should be honored to hit the features these guys get to hit.

  12. Hipstah fo sho Says:

    Too cool for Instagram

  13. laugh Says:

    Raph wants to express that wakeboarding in a way that only accommodates to contest riding just isn’t fulfilling and after a while can leave you just feeling, jaded. When all these pro wakeboarders ride and “train” just for contests, it hinders any kind of diversity and distinctiveness. It leaves every rider, every contest, every rider, every trick just looking the same. Look at skateboarding. There are so many different types of styles and personalities, because very few of them play by the rules. They ride how they please, and that’s the bottom line.

  14. Thanks Says:

    Yes! Thank you for this last comment. Read my mind. Some get it. Some don’t. People don’t like when they have to think when watching a video, especially the typical wake fans. It’s all good.

  15. Marc Poirier Says:

    Laugh is right on it. Raph is the skateboarder of all wakeboarders… And that’s what he’s trying to say. In skateboarding and Snowboarding, you don’t have to be a contest freak to make a living of your favorite sport. In wakeboarding… you still have. Just Watch Rusty’s sponsor vs. Randall sponsors… Right now, contest is the only way to make a descent living from wakeboarding. And when you have to attend all those contest, where do you get the time to do amazing video parts and make your sport progress… That’s is point. Raph loves to see is fans and when he bitches about people copying him, he’s not talking about us ”the ordinary wakeboarders”, he’s talking about the one’s already living the dream. Right now, wakeboarding needs a guy like Raph. He’s a trend setter. Just go ride at your local cable and Watch all the kids rocking cut off shorts and t-shirts. Guess where this come from??

  16. FlipDSK Says:

    If raph were a real hipster he would have dropped LF by now

  17. shows what i know Says:

    I thought the skateboarder of all wakeboarders would have been a wakeskater

  18. crymeariver Says:

    Did he really need a 6 minute video with his sponsors logos plastered all over it to tell us h
    e doesn’t like contests? Who is he trying to convince? That wasn’t artistic and that wasn’t necessary. There’s a profession to being a professional.

  19. Bobby Says:

    strange overtones could not be a better title… not sure the goal here.

  20. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    i think it was sick, @Laugh and @Marc Poirier are spot on. You get riders that are good at contest riding and you get riders that aren’t. It just seems that in the wake industry at the moment, the only way to make a sustainable living, is by riding in contests. but i think that’s something that will change when the sport gets bigger in the next few years.

  21. Scott Says:

    Has anyone actually even seen this video? There’s been an “issue with playback” for days now….

  22. chad Says:

    There is something to say about a guy who hardly completes rolls in and wins a boat comp. I get his point but I wish he would just ride. There had better be a full part as the last part of this series.

  23. JLaRue Says:

    This was a great edit guys. Really enjoyed it.


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