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Raph Derome is back in the States and he’s ready for summer.
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16 Responses to “Strange Overtones with Raph Derome”

  1. Marc Poirier Says:

    Two artist at their best… Leaving us wanting more! It’s original and we need more of that. Very trippy!!!

  2. dt8 Says:

    sickest video

  3. why? Says:

    Raph went to orlando to film at the projects and OWC on rails that other people built/filmed a million times. I wouldn’t call that original there guy…

  4. Cole Says:

    Why has Raph been riding the peak?

  5. nini Says:

    Great vid, loved the editing!

    I guess the peak is better haha

  6. Julien Renaud Says:

    This is amazing creativity ! Good job guy’s, can’t wait to see part 2 !

  7. Marc Poirier Says:

    It’s the Peak graphic with a ”proto” shape!!! New model coming up…

  8. Steve Says:

    huge raph fan, huge derome family fan, huge fan of the riding that goes on in the delta and shred town crew in texas as well

  9. hmm Says:

    Saying things other people wont! Great piece.

  10. Boam Says:

    Where he rides has nothing to do with the purpose his crew put this video out. He’s right. He’s basically saying you can’t find a unique style in wakeboarding anymore because everyone runs to the ” new thing ” it’s so cliche for kids in Orlando to mainstream then alot of other places. If you don’t know connections you won’t blow and if you don’t its super rare . I love the sense of vibes we all get when watching a raph video. I just wish alot of people were more like this and not jumping on every new thing that comes out and gets blown out in less then a month.

  11. AB Says:

    I think I saw that girl at another wake park this past saturday ???could be wrong… Raph D = never fails to impress me

  12. Justin H. Says:

    That last shot was a man-sized ollie.

    The creeper lady shot was kinda…strange.

  13. jhill Says:

    I love it when people get called out.

    I wish I was capable of getting called out for copying Raph.

    He is making/going to make as big of an impact on this sport as anybody.

    Cool maneuvers. Too many highlights to list.

  14. g west Says:


  15. Taylor Says:

    So sick! Well said raph

  16. ODS Says:

    Raph showed us how to ride rails, he saw a massive opportunity to bring his snowboarding style presses into wakeboarding whilst we were all boardsliding and 1080ing flatbars. Thats why he is so successful. I remember watching the video ‘Best railrider in the world’, it is such a sick edit and we all know the answer to that now. An innovator of the sport. Credit to UNIT too, who have capitalised on the rail riding phenomena and brought us some amazing obstacles.

    I’m just waiting for someone to come along and push the air game once more, watching all these plastic Raphs is beyond boring now, the sport is slowing down again. I’m lucky if I see a blind judge nowadays, smoking blunts at corner 3 just ain’t the same as it used to be…


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