August 31st, 2013 by Submitted

Alex Hamrick and Clark Davis “found” a road sign and put it to good use at Jibtopia Wake Park.

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4 Responses to “Street signs at Jibtopia”

  1. Andy Milovanovic Says:

    lovin all the grinds! plus the orange helmets match all my spy sunglasses :)

  2. ferd terguson Says:

    I’d rather touch tips with my best buds than hit the replay on this piece

  3. shredncwake Says:

    ^^^ I’m sure you would, no judgement. Always fun times coming out of Jibtopia! Keep it good! Keep it fun!

  4. ight Says:

    this is sick, reminds me so much of the freedom you can get from skateboarding. You can set up anything and skate anything anyway you want, i feel like this is getting pretty damn close to that. Ferd is a waste of time.


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