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A slow U.S.A visa approval process meant Brenton was stranded in Australia a lot longer than he had initially planned. With major Wake events already under-way in the Northern Hemisphere B.P wanted to keep active and prepare for the season ahead once the consulate gave the green light. Here’s what went down during that month of April prior to Brenton setting sail for his U.S / European season.
Long Journey

14 Responses to “Stuck in Transition with Brenton Priestley”

  1. Mike Ennen Says:

    Nice work boys!!

  2. jack Says:

    So sick!

  3. pickles Says:

    foot plant was stellar at the end!

  5. FlipDSK Says:

    So sick going shredding now

  6. pat Says:


  7. Andrew Fortenberry Says:

    hell yes!

  8. nope Says:

    quarterpipes have no place in wakeboarding. burn all of them

  9. W3ST SID3 Says:

    Only time I’ve ever been stoked on quarter pipe hits. Keep rippin man, sick edit

  10. moomba Says:

    mr. styleyyy on the cables

  11. jack Says:

    Nice to see some one killing it on a quater pipes

  12. BORNinaZOO Says:

    ^oh to the shit yeah!

  13. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    trevor hansen is so good…

  14. limno Says:

    this is unique. nice!


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