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Gavin Stuckey (8) and Trent Stuckey (10) were born in Orlando and have been riding at OWC for just over two years now. The crew from Ronix Wakeboards put together a video of these two up and coming shredders. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Stuckey Boys”

  2. Whaaatttt Says:

    These kids kill it, but the edit was painful to watch! It’s just wakeboarding dad, not the next 300 movie. Maybe try something a little more upbeat next time. Lastly, I don’t think its a good thing for the Stuckey boys to think there above “average” kids at the playground just because they’ve been wakeboarding a good amount of their childhood.

    -two cents

  3. $1 Says:

    Take your two cents, put it in a jar. Save up, buy a camera and make your own edit.

    They are well above average and most likely ride better than you.

    Lastly, I dont think its a good thing for you to write comments anymore. You have probably been typing a good amount of your childhood and are getting a little big headed.

  4. Jbob Says:

    them boys can ride, good work guys!

  6. OWC guy Says:

    Where does it say that the Stuckey boys are above average kids. All it says is that they are not average, which is correct. Average kids can not ride at that level. I see average kids ride at the cable everyday and the progression rate for the Stuckey boys is not average.

    If you disagree, please find me a video of a 8 year old doing heelside 720’s and a 9 year old that can do toe 9, heel back 7, and toe back 5.

  7. edit hater Says:

    Wow they’re so good. But i have to admit, i had some serious uncontrollable eye rolling on the intro. More little rippers rippin, and having fun!


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