Sullen Clothing today officially announces newly acquired wakeboard star Randall “the Vandall” Harris. We are pleased to add him to the family as Randall fits in perfectly with his tattoo lifestyle as well as his professionalism. Sullen and the Vandall have been friends for a while now and have dabbled the idea but we wasn’t sure if Sullen was ready to hit the wakeboard scene full boar but after talking and Randall supporting 100% then the deal just fell into place and worked itself out. Sullen can’t be any happier to have Randall leading the pack of our wakeboard team in hopes to open up more doors and opportunities in this side of action sports as from previous experiences the Wakeboard scene is a close industry and harp to succeed in which Sullen is ready for that challenge. Not to give too much away but we are already working on a really cool collaboration with a heavy hitter and could work out really well with signing Mr. Harris.

Randall comes to us with a list full of career accomplishments from contests, movie parts to being on the front covers of wakeboards biggest magazines, not to mention he gets tons of exposure in other sponsor ads which we will be participating in to show we are in full effect with not only Randall but the industry to. Our team manager Jon cantrell and sales manager Ryan Moore are big into the wakeboard scene which excites them very much for the upcoming opportunities we have planned to utilize Randall as much as possible. Be on the look out for all the cool stuff we hve planned and feel free to give us some feedback, thanks for listening!!