There may be a few inches of snow on the ground in Portland. And by may be, I mean, there is. I just rolled back into town from another innaproriately snowy place called Denver (there was about two feet on the ground there) and I missed the brunt of the storm. Apparently there were some 20 car accidents in a two hour period at one intersection! Yeah, I am bummed I wasn’t here for that.

But what I did decide is that I need a trip to Florida. It’s totally justified, since I am crafting the next issue of Alliance Wakeskate and it includes some one-on-one time with Reed Hansen. Since he lives in Florida, I thought what better place to go and take pictures of him! Brilliant, I know.

So I am going to leave the deep pow on Mt. Hood behind and go do some slayshes in Orlando. Of course, with my luck, a fluke snowstorm will hit Florida right as I am landing. I mean, it snowed in LA, so, could happen. But let’s hope not. I’ll keep you posted on how many more ridiculous tricks Reed has learned.