Well, if you didn't watch the Super Bowl last night you're either blind or one of those new wave emo wakeskaters who hates their father and traditional American man sports. If you did, you probably saw one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history as the New York Giants took down the undefeated New England Patriots 17-14. Most of the greater New England area is probably dying from hyper ventilation at this point over their team's loss. And God only knows how many people just lost a ton of their life savings by betting on the Patriots in Vegas.

Keith Lyman, being a Massachusetts native himself, was understandably frustrated with the Patriots lackluster performance. "Stupid freakin' Pats. Stupid freakin' Brady. Damn GQ models, I swear…"

Ben Greenwood, Lyman's best friend and a fellow New England native, could not be reached for comment this morning, most likely because, as this reporter would guess, he's passed out from loss of blood after kicking his foot through his big screen TV.

Photographer Spencer Smith lost some money after betting on the heavily favored Patriots, but would not go into details. In fact, he passed out in the middle of the conversation, probably still feeling the effects of last night's drama.