SUPRA’S ALL NEW 2008 WEBSITE REVEALED MARYVILLE, TN (October 5, 2007) ~ Supra has completely renovated the 2008 Supra Website. The extreme makeover boosts a complete redesign offering users more of what they want; a multitude of easy to find videos and photos with larger viewing windows complete with the ability to customize and price your Supra with all the colors and options available. The videos feature 360° rotations, technical specifications to include footage of each boat from 0-30 MPH, hole shots, straight line tracking, wake size and running shots.  The already popular trick room offers interactive wakeboard training tools featuring Josh Sanders, Trevor Hansen and Kyle Schmidt. Photography for each Supra model is easy to find with larger photographs and an array of shots to view your dream boat at any angle imaginable.  The all new colorizer has been improved and enlarged so buyers can select and view the different color options available prior to ordering their new Supra. The content throughout the website offers valuable information for existing customers, new customers, skiers, wakeboarders, dreamers and anyone interested in one of the great pleasures of life, boating.  Supra’s bulletin board offers users the chance to input their own content and join in on the community of fellow Supra boat owners. Supra’s new Five Star Protection Plan, Ride System and details around the WWA World Wakeboarding Championships are all featured on the new website.  There are more in depth interviews, videos and photos of Team Supra Riders with the option to down load videos and photos onto your desktop or ipod of team riders or your favorite Supra model. The all new website tells the “I Fly” story and defines why the Supra Ride System is what elevates the performance of Supra boats above all other tournament wakeboard boats.   To visit the all new 2008 Supra Website go to .  Enjoy!