MARYVILLE, TN (January 9, 2009) ~ The 2009 Boat Show Season has started off much better than anticipated, despite economic dampeners. Supra and Moomba boat shows in Houston, TX and Portland, OR both started off the season with a bang!  Aggressive dealer promotions in conjunction with Supra and Moomba’s incredible factory boat show savings program (Pick 5 for $495) created a tremendous buying atmosphere that many jumped on!

Inquiries about the latest partnership with Liquid Force, the all new award winning Supra Launch 21V and all new Outback V have stirred more than quite a bit of excitement at both shows.  And the Liquid Force Special Edition promotion has guests stoked about a chance to win a day with the Liquid Force Pro of their choice.

Don’t miss your local boat show, see for yourself if Supra and Moomba exceed your expectations and check out the latest model changes and special editions recently added to our fleet.  If you have been dreaming about owning a boat or you’re ready for an upgrade, this is your last chance to get the best savings of the year.  The only difficult decision you have to make is selecting which model you want and the factory incentives to go along with it.

Locate your nearest Supra dealer’s boat show at and your nearest Moomba dealers boat show a  See for yourself, it’s a buyers market…take advantage of it!  While you’re on the site, check out the competitive wake comparisons featured in WaterSki Magazines 2009 Boat Buyers guide on the home pages at and

So, when and where can you go to check out Supra and Moomba’s remarkable new model line up?

Boat Show City    Start Date     End Date             Dealership

Vancouver           4-Feb            8-Feb         INBOARDS UNLIMITED

Abbotsford          6-Mar            9-Mar       REDLINE WATER SPORTS

Arkansas            9-Jan          11-Jan   Diamond Lakes Watersports    

Atlanta              14-Jan          18-Jan         ATLANTA MARINE

Austin               15-Jan          18-Jan      SOUTH AUSTIN MARINE

Belleville           12-Mar          22-Mar            BAY MARINE

Biloxi                13-Mar          15-Mar      GEORGE'S WATERSPORTS

Birmingham       30-Jan           1-Feb        ALABAMA WATERSPORTS

Boise                26-Mar          29-Mar      IDAHO WATER SPORTS

Buffalo              2-Apr            5-Apr          SILVER LAKE MARINE

Calgary Boat     12-Feb         15-Feb           MOBIUS MARINE

Calgary Boating   5-Feb            9-Feb          MOBIUS MARINE

Charlotte            4-Feb           8-Feb           HQ MARINE, L.L.C.

Chattanooga      30-Jan           1-Feb         MARINE OUTFITTERS

Chicago             14-Jan          18-Jan          CHICAGO SEA RAY

Cincinnati          16-Jan          25-Jan        LAKOTA WATERSPORTS

Civic Show       12-Feb          15-Feb          McLaughlin's RV & Marine

Columbia         12-Feb          22-Feb          CAROLINA INBOARD

Denver            15-Jan          18-Jan       COLORADO BOAT CENTER

Denver            15-Jan          18-Jan      ROCKY MOUNTAIN BOAT CO

Denver            5-Mar            8-Mar       COLORADO BOAT CENTER

Detroit           14-Feb           22-Feb            BOATER'S CHOICE

Detroit COBO   13-Feb          22-Feb               CLUB ROYALE

Detroit Novi      6-Mar            8-Mar               CLUB ROYALE

Dusseldorf       17-Jan           25-Jan                 TB BOTEN

Dusseldorf       12-Jan          25-Jan         WASSERSPORTCENTER

Edmonton      12-Mar          16-Mar        MARTIN MOTORSPORTS

Fox Valley       27-Feb          1-Mar        Fort Fremont Marine, Inc.

Greensboro     27-Feb          1-Mar           WHITE LAKE MARINE

Greenville        22-Jan          25-Jan       Barry Capps Marine Service

Greenville       22-Jan          25-Jan           STRICKLAND MARINE

Hartford         22-Jan          25-Jan                 A & S BOATS

Helena           13-Feb       15-Feb       Omeway Marine & Motorsports

Hot Springs    27-Feb          1-Mar        Diamond Lakes Watersports

Houston          2-Jan          11-Jan          RINKER'S BOAT WORLD

Huntsville       23-Jan         25-Jan          ALABAMA WATERSPORTS

Idaho Falls      19-Mar        22-Mar          IDAHO WATER SPORTS

Jackson, MS     9-Jan          11-Jan          LEE COUNTY INBOARDS

Jacksonville     5-Feb           8-Feb        LAKE AREA WATERSPORTS

Jonesboro       6-Feb           8-Feb             J & J WATER SPORTS

Kelowna         18-Apr         19-Apr          REDLINE WATER SPORTS

Knoxville        29-Jan           8-Feb        KNOXVILLE WATERSPORTS

Lansing          16-Jan          18-Jan               BOATER'S CHOICE

Las Vegas       18-Mar        22-Mar      BOULDER BOAT BROKERS LLC

Little Rock      13-Feb         15-Feb         Diamond Lakes Watersports

Louisville       24-Jan          1-Feb                    DENNEY MARINE

Medford         21-Feb         22-Feb                MYERS MARINE & RV

Memphis        20-Feb         22-Feb             LEE COUNTY INBOARDS

Milwaukee      14-Jan         25-Jan                 LAUDERDALE LAKES

Minneapolis    21-Jan         25-Jan       FOREST LAKE MOTOR SPORTS

Mobile            5-Mar          8-Mar           GEORGE'S WATERSPORTS

Monroe          23-Jan         25-Jan      GUS CAMPBELL WATERSPORTS

Montana        5-Feb          16-Feb                 KURT'S POLARIS

Montgomery  27-Feb           1-Mar                     H2O SPORTS

Montreal       29-Jan          2-Feb               AQUA SPORT MARINE

Montreal       28-Jan          3-Feb                SG SPORT MARINE

Nashville       7-Jan           11-Jan          ALABAMA WATERSPORTS

NW Ark        19-Feb         22-Feb                 SKI & SPORTS, INC.

Omaha        24-Feb         28-Feb             OMAHA MARINE CENTER

Oregon Marine 13-Mar      15-Mar            ACTIVE WATER SPORTS

Orlando      20-Feb         22-Feb          Watersports of Central Florida

Osaka         27-Mar         29-Mar                   XTREME JAPAN

Ottawa         26-Feb          9-Mar                     BAY MARINE

Palm Beach   27-Mar       29-Mar         Ski Boats of the Palm Beaches

Phoenix       21-Jan         25-Jan              CENTURY MARINE, LTD

Pittsburg      23-Jan          1-Feb                 LAKEROAD MARINE

Portland       3-Jan          11-Jan              ACTIVE WATER SPORTS

Prince Albert  20-Mar       22-Mar           RALLY MOTORSPORTS LTD.

Quebec        13-Mar        15-Mar              AQUA SPORT MARINE

Quebec       13-Mar        15-Mar                 SG SPORT MARINE

Raleigh        22-Jan         25-Jan                WHITE LAKE MARINE

Raleigh Fair    20-Feb       22-Feb              WHITE LAKE MARINE

Red River Valley  23-Jan     25-Jan           McLaughlin's RV & Marine

Redding        5-Mar          8-Mar                MYERS MARINE & RV

RENO           11-Feb         15-Feb                    Z-MARINE INC

Rochester     5-Feb           8-Feb                SILVER LAKE MARINE

Sacramento   11-Mar        15-Mar         AMERICAN MARINE SPORTS

Salt Lake      4-Feb         12-Feb                 MARINE PRODUCTS

San Mateo     8-Jan          18-Jan                 LIQUID WRENCHES

Saskatoon     5-Mar          8-Mar           RALLY MOTORSPORTS LTD.

SEATTLE       23-Jan         1-Feb                 GONNASON'S MARINE

Shreveport    9-Jan        11-Jan      Northwest Louisiana Wartersports

SPOKANE     30-Jan        8-Feb                ALPINE HAUS MARINA

St. Louis      11-Feb       15-Feb           EXTREME POWER SPORTS

Toledo          9-Jan         11-Jan                  BOATER'S CHOICE

Tri City        4-Feb         8-Feb             TRAVELAND RV & MARINE

Tupelo        6-Feb          8-Feb                LEE COUNTY INBOARDS

Vancouver   12-Feb        15-Feb                   MOBIUS MARINE

Vancouver    4-Feb          8-Feb             REDLINE WATER SPORTS

Vancouver    14-Feb        15-Feb            REDLINE WATER SPORTS

Winnipeg     27-Feb         1-Mar         ACTION POWER BRANDON LTD
Skier’s Choice, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of performance inboard wakeboard and water-ski towboats under brand names Supra and Moomba.  Supra has been a leader in the inboard industry since 1980 and is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance.  Moomba is a value-oriented brand that offers significant savings yet delivers performance and reliability equal to or better than other inboard brands.  Skier’s Choice sponsors the WWA World Wakeboard Championships, BROStock, EuroBro, IINT and NWL amateur events.  Located in Maryville, Tenn., the company is closely held.  For more information, please visit, or