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We had a chance to hit the lake with Supra Boats and they walked us through their all-new Swell Surf System. For more details about Supra Boats and their full lineup of wake boats check out

11 Responses to “Supra Boats Swell Surf System”

  1. Hater Hat On Tight Says:

    Ok, so i gotta say this, because i love this website. NO WONDER boat riders are losing jobs left and right. Look at the almost none existent converge they get on this site alone. I counted 24 videos (including this advertisement) before i got to a video of dudes wakeboading behind a boat.
    I totally get the critical mass of cable, and these super expensive boats pandering people with lots of money who dont give a damn about wakeboarding. But sh!tman, how are you gonna have a ‘No Filter’ interview series with boat riders getting canned and not even toss up a video of them doing the damn thing?
    Is wakeboarding boat slalom skiing now? I didnt get the memo. I never get more amped up than watching a rider absolutely kill it behind the boat. Why? Because its hard, and there are consequences.
    So keep the lights on, i get it. But know that, I’m watching Sean O’brian rip behind a ski boat on wakeworld.

  2. chad Says:

    I think you are looking at it in kind of the wrong light. Riding boat is like vert skateboarding. It is still around and people kill it, but it is harder to get into. It is much easier for places to have a park set up than a vert ramp. Much like riding cable is more accessible than riding boat (dollar wise if there is a cable park close to you because it requires no capital expenditures on your end). In skateboarding there are a million kids who ride street and there are a ton of street pros, but there are still pros who ride vert. I believe there will be more and more park pros and less boat pros as that is where the majority of wakeboarders will be spending their time as cables continue to pop up. It happens when sports grow and change. A lot of guys aren’t putting out boat content in web form, and as more people get into cable that is where the masses will go and that is where the magazines that cover the sport will than have to go.

    I could give two poops about wakesurfing though. If you’re not in the ocean catching waves in big swells I don’t care. I wish boat companies would not put a dime into R&D for wakesurfing, but that’s what the weekend warriors are into (i guess it is better than tubing?).

    Basically I don’t create the market, everyone’s dollars do…

  3. Justin Harrelson Says:

    “Wake surfing is the new tubing.”

    -Not my quote, but one of my favorites of all time.

  4. Wakesurf hater Says:

    Wake Surfer are hated by wakeboarders in Arizona. I can’t stand them. Try a real sport

  5. Steve Gould Says:

    “wake surfing is the new tubing” ruining flat water for riders

  6. boomsmack Says:

    I agree I think that riding boat will start to look a lot like skateboarding and riding vert. The problem is ridng boat just isn’t very assessable to the common person. most people don’t live on a lake and their schedules only allow them to ride on weekends where there is no smooth water and they just aren’t going to get any better at it. On the other hand I think wakesurfing has huge potentieal and could totally take over the watersports industry.

  7. k Says:

    New board shop opened up by my house and the owner tried to tell me that wake surfing is the future of the sport for boat. I laughed at him, and then thought about how sad it is that he is probably right. “Wake surfing is the new tubing” is absolutely right…

  8. Guys Says:

    If wakeboarding behind a boat is like Vert skating – Wake surfers are the kids on the razor scooters that f*ck up a skate park

  9. Louisiana river rat Says:

    I do believe wake surfing is here set in stone. But I don’t think it will dominate. I’m experiencing exwakeboarders who either get burned out, older, or suffer from long term injuries(many from wakeboarding, snow boarding etc) who don’t want to take serious risks. So they have resorted to wake surfing to stay in the crowd and on the boat. But I do see more waterways in the future limiting where you can wake surf & wakeboard. Kneeboarding, that is gone. Lol and skiing won’t disappear. It’s just that simple skiing is much more difficult than simple boarding. And boarding can be changed up to do 100’s of tricks keeping it interesting. Wake surfing will not dominate.

  10. John Says:

    if you’re poor don’t wakeboard. Buy a damn boat and do it the right way.

  11. blah Says:

    Wake Surfing is the most boring thing to watch ever. I would rather watch slalom skiing any day and that is saying something. I do not allow wakesurfing on my boat. If you want to really surf MOVE TO THE COAST and do it the REAL WAY. Yes im a hater and im gonna hate!


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