MARYVILLE, TN (December 15, 2009) ~ Supra’s next generation of design has landed the tournament tow boat manufacturer Trailer Boats 2009 Excellence in Design award for the Supra Launch 21V model. “The multisport Supra Launch 21V aims high in the comfort category; deep and wide, the layout is both stylish and sturdy. This 21-footer also delivers easy handling and smooth turning — even in choppy conditions. Ultimately, it's the complete package that captured the judges' favor and earned it a Trailer Boats 2009 Excellence in Design Award," said Editor Ron Eldridge.

The all-new Supra Launch 21V is the synthesis of tradition and future, one of the principles of Supra’s design philosophy that makes the design so authentic, trendsetting and characteristic of the brand.  Inspired by Hummer and Range Rover, the Launch 21V styling offers a combination of muscular, elegant, aggressive and luxurious styling.  The interior and exterior both offer an array of cutting edge design enhancements making the Supra Launch 21V as exciting to look at as it is to drive, cruise or ride behind.

The Supra Launch 21V offers boating and watersports enthusiasts an experience beyond the realm of what they expect for a 21’ boat.  The aggressive styling and strong multisport performance includes a long list of standard features that is more than impressive.  Supra’s design philosophy has always been about full featured performance that is rider friendly and the 21V is just that; however, it is so much more!

The hull design and Smart Plate have been re-designed to work together to create an outstanding wake while maximizing efficiency and user friendliness.  In addition, the new stringer design maximizes structural rigidity.  The layout of the cabin has been widened and is much deeper for optimum comfort allowing up to 13 passengers the ability to lounge.  The new seating design features larger and wider cushions that turn every seat in to a lounge seat.  Children and parents have noted the additional comfort and safety provided by the deeper seating, especially with the addition of the new massive grab rails in the bow.

To further enhance the driver’s experience, the Supra design team has improved the ergonomics of the driver’s area by lowering the dashboard and re-centering the driver’s seat.  By making these small adjustments we have enhanced the driver’s visibility and comfort by 100%.

The Launch 21V’s fascinating, all-new must see interior design combined with its aerodynamic, muscular exterior and on demand delivery of multisport performance is certain to create a demand.  Don’t miss your opportunity to see this remarkable new design for yourself, locate the nearest Supra dealer at  Get out and test-drive one, see if it exceeds your expectations.

Skier’s Choice, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of performance inboard wakeboard and water-ski towboats under brand names Supra and Moomba.  Supra has been a leader in the inboard industry since 1980 and is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance.  Moomba is a value-oriented brand that offers significant savings yet delivers performance and reliability equal to or better than other inboard brands.  Skier’s Choice sponsors the WWA World Wakeboard Championships, the Gravity Games, INT and NWL amateur events.  Located in Maryville, Tenn., the company is closely held.  For more information, please visit