June 25th, 2014 by alliance

Professional surfer and local San Diegan Pat Millin is known for his surfing abilities in the ocean. His smooth style and overall vibe are standouts in any lineup. Malibu Boat’s invite only SURF GATE FIRSTHAND was an opportunity for Pat to apply his knowledge of ocean waves to the boat waves. Check out Pat’s first time experience…

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3 Responses to “SURF GATE FIRSTHAND with Pat Millin”


    I think a publicly traded boat company should spend their money a little better than putting pro surfers up in luxury hotels.

  2. yhate Says:

    jealousy is not a good color on you ^

  3. Johnny Utah Says:

    Lame!! Who is the idiot who spent money on this lame marketing video. Who cares about what 5 star hotel he stayed at…and wow can’t wait to spend a grip of money on a boat and then gas to drive it, just to ride sloppy knee high crap. Lol


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