So Staker and the boys had a good time while i was gone, and YES, there were two stains on my couch that I made him clean. Jeff McKee put all my silverware in a big pot, filled it with water and put it in the freezer, so that was good. And Shaun Moore went into my closet and turned every piece of clothing of mine inside out, then folded or hung them all back the way they were. Now, I don’t know what’s funnier … the thought of them spending all that time to turn my clothes inside out, or the thought of me not being able to sleep at night with my clothes inside out and having to change them all back tonight. So they got me, good. Staker says it was in retaliation for about six years ago when I borrowed his new truck and then took a photo at a party with 50 people in and on the truck, and ran it in the magazine. Anyways, we’re even. But the one thing he has to watch out for is not even something I am going to do intentionally. See, I haven’t had a rommate in a LONG time, and Matt is staying here for a while while his house gets spruced up. Let’s just say that I am used to being very casual or natural around the house, day and night, and I have a feeling that he’s going to walk in one day and get a lot more man laying on the couch than he bargained for.